Which API to use?


we plan to implement a new eCommerce website in the next months. We plan to use the current Admin API to generate the static pages of the Frontend, e.g. generating the Shop navigation with the product categories. For the Checkout process and the Shop user account profile page we are not sure if we should use the current Shop API or better already use the new “Unified API” (https://docs.sylius.com/en/latest/api/index.html#unified-api). I think to use the new Unified API, it should already offer kind of access to the customer users, carts and products.

What would you recommend? Should we simply use the Admin + Shop APIs or better already use the new Unified API?

Thanks for help!

The Unified API is where everything is going in the future, so you’ll need to become familiar with that soon. Unfortunately the United API isn’t finished yet and has some bugs. For example, the parameters for /api/v2/admin/order don’t work on 1.9.x (but did on 1.8.x); and the /api/v2/admin/addresses/{id} endpoint returns ‘null’ for the provinceName, even if it’s set.

If the Unified API currently mostly works for you, and you’ll willing to keep on eye on breaking changes over the coming months, then that’s the way to go.

Thanks @nikkuexe for your answer.
We will check in more detail what we really need for our use cases and try to use the Uniffied API as much as possible.