What about bootstrap


Hello there community.

I already worked on a project using sylius in the past (http://lalamoda.ma/), i liked so much the concept of the ecommerce framework.
Now i want to start a new project with the new version. i have one question. is there any possibility to use bootstrap instead of semantic ui.i think it will be a good idea to provide both semantic and bootstrap templates.


Hello there againe

Any hint ? or maybe i should create my own template twigs?


You will probably have to create a new theme using Bootstrap instead of Semantic UI.
More info about themes: https://docs.sylius.com/en/latest/book/themes/themes.html


And you can use our raw HTML Twig template for this purpose: https://github.com/BitBagCommerce/SyliusRawHtml :slight_smile:


Please how can i use your Raw html template? how to integrate it?