Welcome to Sylius Community Forum!


Welcome to the Sylius Community Forum!

We have setup this space for our community members (both developers and business) to discuss anything that is related to achieving a success with Sylius technology.

Our Slack is growing strong (1100+ members) but it is more suitable for fast and dynamic discussions, 1:1 chats and getting quick support during the day. Unfortunately, it is not indexed by search engines and generally it is impossible to easily read the archives due to the number of them. This forum is a solution to this problem!

Please feel welcomed and have a look around. If you have any suggestions regarding the structure of the forum, let me know! We are keeping things Lean, so if this forum grows, we will improve the visuals and functionality. :rocket:

Initially, this place will be moderated by our Sylius Team but we are looking for brave moderators in the community. Just let us know if you would like to help! :slight_smile:

Stay awesome!


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Hi! I can’t wait to see how this forum grows! Let’s build the best software community in the web :wink:


Hello everybody, I’m really excited about joining this awesome forum community!


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Bonjour! :slight_smile:


Hello my little Syliusers :sunglasses:


Welcome! Good to see you there! :wink:


Hi everyone! I hope this will help learning Sylius :slight_smile:


Looking forward to using the forums. Thanks for the additional service.


Excellent step :slight_smile: I was waiting for this step since long


hello, nice idea to have a forum. ++


Hi, looking forward to make Sylius great with this amazing community


Hello :slight_smile: We shall see how this goes :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello all… I like this forum


Hello everyone ! Hope to get more involve in this commity on this forum !


artificially increasing my activity on the forum with a bump of this topic :smiley: