Use case question for product models

Hi guys,

I am new to Sylius and I was wondering if this is a feasible scenario Sylius could be used for:

My team once developed an e-commerce site where we didn’t use any e-commerce platform because one of the requirements was to be able to avoid doing synchronization of products and orders to their ERP which contained their business core. Instead what we did was to use a development framework (laravel in this case), and we modeled their products and orders with the ORM, we built endpoints for them and what we had to build from scratch was the cart management, user management, payment methods, etc. Do you see a scenario where something like this would be feasible with Sylius? Because in our case we had to implement cart management, payment methods, which is pretty common stuff that every major ecom platform has, but they all depend on using their own db and models for products and orders.


Hi @di3gopa

I am also still quite new to Sylius. But from my point of view I see the following possible approaches:

  • Export from ERP and import to Sylius: for example you could use this Sylius Export/Import plugin: The plugin also allows you to write some custom processor.
  • Custom “Synchronization/Import” Sylius plugin: you write your own Sylius plugin where you for example offer some Admin UI view where the admin can connect to your ERP API and synchronize or import the products into Sylius directly. Or maybe you could implement some scheduled synchronization mechanism.

These are just some first thoughts how to tackle it. Hope it helps a bit.