Translatable channel description


I am new in development and currently working with sylius.
So far i was always able to implement my changes but this one is giving me PTSD…

I tried to adapt the following guidelines

which if i follow the example work though it required some adaptation as the doc does not seem entirely complete.

Once my supplier was working i decided to adapt the logic and apply it to the channel description which is not translatable by default.

but several issue are making it diffcult to achieve.

  1. the translatabletrait getTranslation function loses the context of the current-locale which results in an
  2. if i force the currentlocal, the field description is not accessible as an array.

I don’t mind customizing the bits that are not generic but i can’t find a solution where I somehow need to update the translation process which will result in potentially more errors.

step to reproduce:

Create 2 entities:
Channel (override the sylius channel entity)
ChannelTranslation (will store the channel translation for description)
follow the rest of the guidelines

then proceed to create a new channel.