Taxon images (and images more in general), Front end customization


Hi to all the community and thanks for all Sylius developers and contributors.
I’m new to Sylius (and to Symfony too, unfortunately) and, of course, I’m having some difficulties: I hope you’ll excuse me for my stupid questions…
I successfully installed the complete Sylius platform, and I found it amazingly complete.
But I need to use a completely different template for the view of the shop bundle.
I started overriding twig templates, using the customization guide " Customizing Templates".
Here my questions:

  1. where can I find a full list of calls available? (like render(url(‘sylius_shop_partial_taxon_index_by_code’…)
  2. about this specific call: I can’t obtain images. I correctly added images (with ‘thumbnail’ type) to taxons using the admin bundle, but “sylius_shop_partial_taxon_index_by_code” doesn’t populate the images collection (I can see that ‘elements[]’ of images is empty with a dump(taxon), in twig template).
    Moreover, using the symfony debug toolbar, I can’t see any left join to **sylius_taxon_image** in the sql query… so I’m asking how and where it should take place?
  3. I need to customize the controller of the shop bundle to add more routes/methods… How can I do that?

I’m really sorry for asking all this questions and I hope in your help.