Symfony debug toolbar doesn't appear


the symfony debug toolbar doesn’t show on a Sylius fresh install, started with symfony local server (symfony serve). however the profiler seem to work when accessing http://localhost:8000/_profiler . Does anyone had an idea how to fix this issue ?

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Did you have many 404 on profiler loading in your browser network inspector ?
(ie : http://localhost:8000/_wdt/978baf)

If yes, it is possible your php memory_limit is too low and profiling data can’t be generated.
In my case, memory_limit = 512M in php.ini resolved the problem :wink:

hopping will help :slight_smile:

the memory limit was set on -1 (unlimited), i changed to 1024M just in case - but it seems to be ok.
however i have this error : Failed to load http://localhost:8000/_wdt/e683e7: Response for preflight is invalid (redirect)

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: