Sylius with Sonata Admin and Sonata Page

Is it possible to install Sylius and Sonata Bundles?

I have a requirement for CMS and Ecommerce and would like to leverage each for it’s strengths.

Could I configure to eg. have the CMS run in /cms-admin and Sylius in /ecommerce-admin each would likely have their own user groups for management.

Since Sonata Pages Bundle does get involved in routing would there be any issues with use of Sylius as well?

Thank you for your help.

could be an integration you can do, as long as both are Symfony apps/bundles.

but in the Sylius world, there is already a plugin that adds CMS functionality:

have you tried it?

Yes I watched the demos, it looks good, but might be too basic for my use case. We want to be able to leverage layouts and blocks heavily as content editing will be done by customer’s team.

In any case it might be worth another look.

Still however, can Sonata Admin live side by side Sylius? We have a few places where we need to manage retail locations and that will require CRUD.

If dependencies are compatible, then yeah. I’d just try installing the Sonata bundles you need. Let us know if it works! :smiley:

Hi there!

It might be basic, but any customizations you’d make to Sonata in order to adjust it to Sylius would require way much work than customizing our CMS for your business needs. What is more, the plugin models work like any other Syius resources, so you can adjust it as easily as described in docs.

We are opened to receive any PRs or help you with customizing it or even help you to adjust it to your project. Feel free to write me a PM if you need help with it :wink: