Sylius with PWA


Hello there!

We are considering working on a Sylius integration with Vue JS progressive web app. I think that PWA is an interesting topic, especially for eCommerce market. The technology we’d love to integrate with is VueStorefront - It’d include all features both from frontend and backend side - wishlist, content management, MailChimp newsletter integration, payment processing and last but not least - availability to install it as an app on Android devices without the need to purchase a smartphone app in the marketplace.
I believe that easy to access, cross-platform (iOS & Windows Phone support PWA as well!) fast mobile app can multiply the revenue.

We are considering selling it on a license, but so far I have no clue what interest it might face with when it comes to Sylius.

Is there anyone who would like to use it in the project? :slightly_smiling_face:

If so, feel free to write me an email on :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I might :slight_smile:
We were thinking of introducing a PWA in the roadmap of a project.
I am eager to see what you’ll produce with great interest :slight_smile:


It is still our side project, but we are on a good patch to finish it soon. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: