Sylius Official Paypal plugin - issue with URL

Hello everyone,

We are encountering some issues that i did not found any topics about yet.

We are using the paypal plugin official for Sylius ( Everything was fine until few days ago. We noticed that the configuration process (when you click on the paypal button from the sylius back-office to initiate the configuration) was not working anymore.

There is a redirection to the adress :

Which seems to return the following error :

Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 10.25.12 AM.png

We have noticed that the status of Paypal API authorization is down for the moment:

But the sandbox status is ok, and we have error (the same) on both environment.

Is there any known issue currently being working on?
Does anybody met the issue, is there’s a known work-around for the time being that we should setup ?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.