Sylius migration on ubuntu server 18.04


I migrated my project sylius from a server (A) ubuntu 14.04 php 7.1.27 to a server (B) Ubuntu 18.04 php 7.1.33. Since this migration I can not update my cart following the modification of the quantity of a product for example. The action of my form is: sylius_shop_cart_save. When I submit the update form the processing of the request takes a lot of time and returns a 500 error. Knowing that it still works well on the old server. Can someone help me?

Hello @yayabalde,

Bumping version of server should not do any troubles. We are using mostly Ubuntu 18.04 and everything works fine. Can you provide some stack trace?

Also, did you ask for help on our slack channel?

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@yayabalde did you change your php configuration and is the quantity high, like thousands or tens of thousands?
If so, take a look at those issues:

If the quantity is reasonable, check the php config anyway.


Thank you for your reply. I have no trace. When I switch to debug mode I have the following error: Error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 67108872 bytes) . My php configuration of memory_limit = 128M which is logically enough to run a script. Even by increasing the value of this variable I always have the same result.

In development environment, when debug is enabled, 128M might not be enough to clear/warmup the cache, so better set memory_limit to -1.
If it’s the same with debug disabled, then you better run a PHP profiler and see what takes so much memory.
You can also take a look at the Performance tab of the Symfony Profiler, maybe you will find something there.

Thank you for your response @vvasiloi vvasiloi. In fact, since I have multiple sites on the same server, setting memory_limit to -1 may crash other sites. What is also annoying is that the profiler does not give me any anomaly. To also return to your previous answer I only have 2 items in my basket. It is the fact of modifying the quantity from 1 to 3 which plants the site. I think I will redefine this action in my controller to have more control, I do not know if it’s a good idea. For now I will stay on the old server that works well time to find a solution.