Sylius <=> JTL-Wawi

Hi, as I wrote in my initial post, we work here in the small company with JTL-Wawi.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland this is a very popular ERP system for Windows.
It has some very good benefits like eBay and Amazon connectivity and multistores.
Basically, this is free, but there are also additional products that cost once or monthly.

We currently feed through JTL-Wawi 2 eBay shops and 4 online shops where 3 are under construction.

JTL software has recently been offering some “packages” on GitHub too:

Including her connector. You can also use this interface for your shop and even for Shopware and a few other shops.

I am not a developer, but I will try to get something myself.
Basically, I would find it cool if you include this in the roadmap to connect this Wawi directly.

JTL-Wawi will be switched over to UTF-8 in the next 1-2 years and then it should be translatable.

This could greatly increase the number of users and companies could then maintain their products directly from Wawi in Sylius and other platforms.

Here’s my Issus on GitHub: