Sylius downloadable themes library

I’m new to Sylius and trying to evaluate it as an alternative to Magento and other webshops for a new e-commerce project.
While Magento, Opencart, etc. have hundreds or thousands of free and paid themes on Envato and other theme collections, I can’t find any of such resources for Sylius. I understand that Syrius is much less widespread and therefore there are fewer plugins and resources, but I can’t believe there are no themes to download or purchase.
Am I missing something?

Hi abrax! Thanks for joining us here. The forum is rather abandoned and all conversations happen on Please go there and ask for help at the #support channel. :wink:

As for the themes - indeed, Sylius doesn’t have them. It’s a framework for custom implementations and self-built themes rather than an out-of-the-box platform with all features and themes.

Apart from the Bootstrap theme, I know one of our agencies is selling a theme upon request: You can try this out.


Thank you teemo for your answers, appreciated. I didn’t know Sylius is so much just a framework and not something I can use out of the box.