Sylius Cms Plugin - Configuration Questions

I am Symfony developer with a few years experience and i have been following Sylius for a while. I finally decided to take the plunge and use Sylius to create a new online shop for a client.

So far it’s been good experience and have setup a new shop, added the bootstrap theme and created my own theme that overrides it.

I have a requirement to add some static content pages to the website so i have opted to use the plugin BitBagCommerce/SyliusCmsPlugin. I have got it installed and almost working perfectly but there are a few issues and questions that i have.

I have followed the installation instructions on GitHub here:

I could not run all of the commands under the heading - Testing & running the plugin
cd tests/Application did not exist for example.

  1. Currently the Admin javascript files do not seem to resolve correctly.
    The path it tries to load them from is:
    The path they actually exist in is:

How can i configure them to compile into the correct public/bundles/_themes/MyShop/MyTheme directory?

For now i have resolved this buy symlinking directories but i’d much rather find a better fix for this.

  1. Page Themes. I have manged to override the page theme by adding my own template in :

I need to be able to create pages that have vastly varied content, the header and footer will remain the same but the content of the page itself will have varying layouts and graphics that will be “hard coded” per page. Within each page there will be areas that can be edited by the user in the admin panel.

Using this plugin what is the best way to achieve this?

I have noticed that every page seems to have the same template file reference @BitBagSyliusCmsPlugin/Shop/Page/show.html.twig and there does not seem to be a way to set or change it per page. Is it possible to change the page template theme on a per page basis? This would be very useful for me as it would allow me to create new template files for each different page layout i wanted. Effectively solving my problem.

Many Thanks,