Sylius 1.10 installation with PHP8 fails with "There is no active transaction"

I try to install a fresh Sylius instance on my local machine with PHP8 and Sylius v1.10 (using MariaDB 10.3.31) according to:

When I execute bin/console sylius:install and after confirming resetting the database, I receive the error “There is no active transaction”.

If I create the project using the “dev-master” instead of version 1.10 I can successfully execute bin/console sylius:install.

How can I setup successfully a Sylius 1.10 version on PHP8? Does anybody face the same issue? I could use the “dev-master” version but I would like actually to setup my new project with a stable Sylius version.

Would it be a valid approach to setup the basic database schema with the “dev-master” version, dump the database schema and data, setup a new Sylius 1.10 and using this dump for the database? As far as I understand this could only be a viable workaround/solution if there are no other migrations between the 1.10 and dev-master version? Or how do you see it?

I have also seen that there are some troubles regarding Doctrine Migrations and PHP8, e.g.

But as it seems the “dev-master” version of Sylius has fixed this “…no active transaction” error.

Ok I’m not alone too. I’m facing the same issue with PHP8. Thanx for the temporary solution of getting the “dev-master”. I hope this issue will be fixed soon.

With the following steps I could setup latest Sylius 1.10.4 with PHP8:

  1. Install (composer create-project…) Sylius using dev-master
  2. Executing the Sylius setup for DB schema creation, admin user, etc.
  3. Creating a DB dump of this fresh Sylius DB setup
  4. In a separate new project folder, install Sylius with 1.10 version
  5. Set conflict version of doctrine/dbal in composer.json, see
  6. Use this DB dump for the 1.10 setup
  7. Finish

Of course this is only a workaround solution because there may be some db migration diffs between 1.10 and dev-master which could lead to other errors.

Hi every one, we had the same problem with a mostly fresh sylius installation (php 8.0.8, mysql 8.0.27, sylius 1.10.7). I say “mostly” because we had another package installed too, sentry/sentry-symfony (added by ourself). Even after following recommendation to downgrade doctrine-migrations package (see, the issue was still here.

We found out that setting sentry/sentry-symfony to 4.0.3 instead of ^4.1.x, it fixed the problem ! Hope it can prevent 2 hours of trials and errors to someone :slight_smile: