Set diffenrent default language on forms for backend


Is it possible to set other language as default (and fall-back language) than english for backend.

Let say, if we want to set french as default language so english translation is not mandatory anymore, would that be possible?

Basically, we would like to only fill french and make the other translation fields not visible or at least not openned by default.

Thanks a lot in advance for your replies.

I’ve saw on the follownig:

As set in the installation command, the only Locale available right now should be English (United States) . This will be the base locale of your shop, therefore all of your products or taxons etc. have to be created with at an english name at least.

Would this mean that we have to always fill english even if we don’t have this as default language? This issue is that it would take more time for us to fill the information both in english and french. We would rather only fill french if possible.

Any ideas on how we could achieve this?