Security.authorization_checker ERROR

Hi all, I’m trying to install Sylius for my first time, and following the doc. I execute the command:
composer create-project sylius/sylius-standard MyFirstShop
And then raises tthe following error:

I can’t continue with installation, and, if I try to execute the next command:
php bin/console sylius:install same error is raised.
My setup:
macOS BigSur 11.4 + PHP 7.4 (from brew) + iTerm2 + Composer version 2.0.13
I normally develop several projects with Symfony, Laravel etc, and I don’t have problems related with composer. Just only running the first command, the error is raised.
Anyone can help me please?
Thank you very much


I got the same error. I solved it by creating an alias for the service.

Add this to your services.yaml:

    alias: security.authentication.manager

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It worked for me. Thank you very much.