Remove unwanted features

I’m developing an application to manage customers, licences, licence options…

I get stuck on an issue since a while: How to remove unwanted features (entities, admin pages, API routes), for instance, Products, Orders, Shipping…

For you to know, I downloaded the project, set it up with Docker and checkout on the 1.8 version:

# git clone
# cd Sylius-Standard
# git checkout 1.8
# docker-compose build
# docker-compose up -d
# docker-compose exec php bin/console sylius:install

While reading the documentation, I have noticed the fixtures system. But since the doc is lacking of information, I don’t know how to remove/uninstall the fixtures I don’t need.

It says,

If you are planning to modify the default fixtures applied by the sylius:fixtures:load command, modify the config\packages\sylius_fixtures.yaml file.

but first, I want to remove them (and there is no documentation about that) and second, I don’t have any config\packages\sylius_fixtures.yaml file.

Am I the only one who is looking for removing default features?

Thank you in advance for your answers!


I created a custom fixtures suite following the documentation, which says:

Why would you customize fixture suites?

  • tailoring the default Sylius fixture suite to your needs (removing Orders for example)
  • creating your own fixture suite

It added my fixture, but the default ones are still here.