Product Attribute Date/DateTime needing flexibility


We’ve been evaluating Sylius for a used book store client. It looks to fit our needs well, with one exception:

I added a Release Date attribute with a Date type; the only configuration option I get is the display formatting. However, in our use-case we have dates easily stretching back into the 80s, the 60s, or potentially older. The default +/- 5 years range enforced by the “choice” is definitely not enough for this.

I did read a lot of the documentation on how to customize forms, the source code too, to see if I could add it to my install on my own. But I’m too new to Sylius/Symfony to do this in a timely manner, when I think it should be easy? Do you have advice for adding/fixing this?

I know I can technically work around this issue by replacing the attribute with a text field. And I will if I have to.


I’m needing it too thanks.