Privates sales API and more

hello everyone
I am looking for a framework for an e-commerce platform. I already develop with Symfony and Api-Platform, then! Sylius seems to be the right choice.
But before I start I have a few questions.

  • how can we make a private sale on Sylius, by sending an invitation to a group of consumers? is the channel the right choice?

  • if applicable, do you have to create a new channel each time?

  • what do you send to consumers? do they need to exist as consumers? or can we send a link that only gives access to the product of the channel.

  • once the private sale is over, can the remaining products be transferred to the general channel?

  • We need to link the e-commerce site to a business application, we know API-Platform well, is it really well integrated?

Thank you for your time, and happy new year