Present your business or project

Hello there!

I came to a conclusion that it would be nice to know more about the Sylius business ecosystem. I decided to start a thread, where I hope you will publish information about your business profile and Sylius projects.

So, I will go first :rocket:

My name is Nick and I am the CEO & co-founder of BitBag - the first company that has grown from Sylius technology. We work on amazing Sylius projects on top of the platform as well as its components. We are also an official Sylius business partner. Our team is made of 5 developers with a great passion to write clean, tested and secure code. That being said, we share our knowledge in OpenSource. You will find many awesome Sylius plugins under our GitHub organization!

We work remotely and we love the flexibility it gives to us!

Our services include:

  • eCommerce software development on top of Sylius (B2C, B2B)
  • Symfony app development with Sylius components (for instance, an accounting app that uses Sylius taxation component to calculate taxes, Resource & Grid bundles for CRUD operations, etc.)
  • Sylius outsourcing - if you need more resources during the project or don’t feel confident with the current infrastructure, we can help you with kickstarting new project sprints or even delivering them for you. We can do it by creating an app audit, project an architecture or suggest which plugins might do the job for you.
  • Sylius app audit - we do have a strong background in delivering a high-quality code and web security. If your app grows and you don’t feel confident if it would be maintainable and secure in the future, we can check your codebase and suggest changes.

Our case studies:

Boutique Jean-François Piège
Restaurant vouchers and branded products for the famous French chef - Jean-François Piège. During this project we used SyliusCmsPlugin, SyliusMercanetBnpParibasPlugin, SyliusMailChimpPlugin. Our services included custom core business logic implementation, payment gateway, content management system and user interface development and deployment process to

Duration: ~240h

Anqan’s: Fashion for man
Our pet project. Anqan’s is a premium clothes retailer for men. This project uses SyliusCmsPlugin, SyliusPayUPlugin, SyliusShippingExportPlugin, SyliusDhl24PlShippingExportPlugin, SyliusInvoicingPlugin and SyliusMailChimpPlugin. During this project, we also solved internal automation issues and implemented a custom graphic design, MailChimp & shipping providers integration as well as payment gateway. We also host it on our servers.

Duration: MVP: ~480h. Maintenance, support & new features: November 2016 - now

PHPers Summit 2018
Ticket system for the biggest PHP community conference in Poland. This project uses SyliusCmsPlugin, SyliusInvoicingPlugin and SyliusPrzelewy24Plugin. Within 4 weeks we provided a new payment gateway integration, invoicing module and the availability to purchase tickets via Sylius platform.

Duration: ~160h


Multivendor marketplace for merchants, who would like to sell files over the internet. For a monthly subscription, you can get a disk space, own URL, custom layout, etc. It is based on Sylius and uses our SyliusPayUPlugin gateway.

Duration: ~240h


BestValue is the biggest duty-free store chain in Romania. We had a great opportunity to develop a custom CSV SKU’s import module with many customizations that automated the process of creating and updating product information.

Duration: ~150h


Urbanara sells high quality home accessories. They are planning to move to Sylius and they needed a payment gateway integration. SyliusAdyenPlugin is what happened :sunglasses:

Duration: ~40h

There are many bigger WIP projects we have on our board right now. I will update this post once they go into production. This includes a huge accounting system we are working on since September 2016, French Memorial Museum multichannel ticket system, some B2C platforms, Sylius PWA on top of VueStorefront and even B2B web2print app!

If you are looking for a Sylius expert in areas I mentioned before, don’t hesitate to write me on or leave your email on website.

It’s your turn. Say hello, introduce yourself and share your experience with Sylius! :slightly_smiling_face: