Pass template to controller render in twig

I’m trying to build Login form popup and I want to render LoginAction controller in twig.

I’m getting error like:
An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Template is not configured.").

My twig template:

{{ render(controller('SyliusUserBundle:Security:login'))}}

And in Security.yml

path: /login
methods: [GET]
        template: "@SyliusShop/login.html.twig"
        logged_in_route: sylius_shop_account_dashboard

How to include template in twig controller render?

Any other better approach to show login form in popup? My plan is to include custom_login.html.twig in Layout twig using render(controller('SyliusUserBundle:Security:login')). But not able to send specific twig template to the controller.