Orders API help

Wondering if it’s possible to add order number and checkoutCompletedAt in the return xml for an API call at /api/v1/orders

If we can get number and checkoutCompletedAt from the API call at /api/v1/orders instead of calling individual orders call like /api/v1/orders/8 , it will improve the performance a lot for our integration script.

Something like:
<string name="checkoutCompletedAt">2019-09-03T18:08:49+00:00</string>
<string name="number">000000005</string>

you should override Order entity JMS serialization config vendor/sylius/sylius/src/Sylius/Bundle/AdminApiBundle/Resources/config/serializer/Model.Order.yml, where need to put number and checkoutCompletedAt fields. For overriding I assume you should create file in src/Resources/config/serializer/model.Product.xml. For more information, see https://jmsyst.com/bundles/JMSSerializerBundle/master/configuration#extension-reference