One Step checkout


Hey there,
I’ve been following and to modify the state machine to create a one-step checkout.
I’ve altered the transitions down to three: cart, onestep and completed, where onestep is a new one.

Now the problem is, I can’t find the route that the checkout button in the cart uses, as it’s still sending the user to /checkout/address. I’ve grepped for “address” but don’t seem to be finding the route config. Does anyone know where I should be looking?

I’ve left this post with a generic title as I intend to document my process and possibly expand the discussion without making successive issues.




After hours of looking, I find it minutes after posting here :joy:
For those playing along: src/Sylius/Bundle/ShopBundle/Resources/config/routing/checkout.yml sylius_shop_checkout_start route :slight_smile: