New custom translation texts don't appear translated

Hi, I try to add some custom new translation texts. I created a messages.en.yaml file in my translations/ folder with following content:

    my_text: 'My Text value'

Then I used it in some twig file like that:

{{ 'sylius.my_section.my_text'|trans }}

but somehow it does not translate my text properly, it simply outputs the key name sylius.my_ section.my_text.

The issue is also the same after clearing the cache with:

bin/console cache:clear

according to the docs here:

Do I miss something? If I check the Symfony toolbar it shows my new translations but not with the given text. Thanks for help.

Thanks to HugFes answer in Slack ( I could resolve the issue for the moment by removing manually the var/cache/* contents.

rm -Rf var/cache/*