Minimum Quantity for Products

Hi all
Is there a plugin or configuration option somewhere that I can enable a “minimum order qty” for a product?
Also if you could also have quantity “intervals” for products (e.g. minimum qty: 10, order in lots of 5 for 10, 15, 20, 25 etc.) would be helpful.

Hey @porl. Check this out:

There are also more that you can find useful: Hail @4c0n :slight_smile:

Hi Teemo
Thanks! This looks interesting as a similar idea, however I was hoping that there would be something that could be set per product rather than total order amount.
I have an idea how I can hack around it on the front end (not fool proof but should work okay for my needs I think) but I was hoping someone else had done something similar as I don’t want to hack the core too much or customise the models more than necessary.