Invoicing plugin: no seller informations

Hello ! :wave:

I installed the Invoicing plugin the works well but I struggle to display the seller information in the PDF:

I set this information on the Channel while editing the channel.
(I have only 1 channel and the order belongs to this channel)

In the invoicing-plugin/src/Ui/action/DownloadInvoiceAction.php I dumped the invoice object and the billing data is empty:

$invoice = $this->invoiceRepository->find($id);
dump($invoice); die();

#billingData: Proxies_CG_\Sylius\InvoicingPlugin\Entity\BillingData {#6793
+isInitialized: false
#id: 1

I also flushed the cache with: bin/console cache:clear
but nothing appears…

Thank you for your lights :slight_smile: