Inventory + Variants Products problems

i need some help with :

  1. Inventory - i have products “Reserved” but i want them, because i get this “439 Available on hand 229 Reserved”, and i honestly don’t know if the stock is correct or not, i am very confused, it appears like this in many products…
  2. Variants Products - if the product its in stock 0 its not show in the page like “no stock” is normally show and can be bought

the website is :

  1. When an order is created, all product variants with tracked inventory have the ordered quantity put on-hold, but not removed from on-hand. When the order is fulfilled, the quantity is subtracted from both on-hold and on-hand. When order is cancelled, the quantity is released (subtracted from on-hold). More about it here:

  2. Make sure the variants are tracked if you want it’s stock availability to be checked