Import export plugin

I want to import an existing store to my Sylius installation. The current import/export plugin is very limited it seems.

In your roadmap blog post you state that the plugin is on the ‘medium term’ list. Where can I follow the development of that? Is it the same plugin or will it be integrated? Can I help somehow?

I suppose a lot of people will need this when migrating stores from other systems.

From my experience, migration could be done way much simpler by exporting the database tables to a single CSV file and read it line by line, inject all factories and transform the data with some spaghetti code. As you will use the migration tool only once, it’s pointless to put a lot of effort into it and it’s possible to migrate such data in a few hours with a strong Sylius architecture knowledge.

On the other hand, I would consider the import/export plugin for an ERP integration or more advanced PIM. I also suppose this is actually what it was made for.

Perhaps we will write a blog post on how to do it in the most efficient and stable way soon :slightly_smiling_face: