Image broken after installing


I just install Sylius and I have a problem, I followed instructions and when I’m on my applications medias and photos not working (default fixtures)
You cab check my picture. Unfortunately I don’t arrive to solve this problem.
Thanks for your help

hi, i think this is a folder permission problem

Hi, I talked with someone and he told me, there is a lot of problems of compatibility between Sylius and windows so I have ubuntu on an other computer. I will try with.
Thanks for your response.

Hi, i have fix this with “chmod -r 777 public”

Hi! thanks for your response, i found the problem, I didn’t install the bundle for the local server with this command “composer require symfony/web-server-bundle”. So Symfony wanted to load images from cache, but images wasn’t.
All is good now but thank you so much!

I have installed this package but still I cant show images on website. Also I made permisson of public to 777