I will go first, I'm Paweł and I do Open Source!

Hello everyone!

While it feels awkward to do this when the forum is not launched yet, I thought it is a good idea to be the first and introduce myself + say hello!

I’m Paweł, I have started Sylius as my pet project looong time ago, while still in high school. I was doing some freelance work and after experiments with my own framework and existing eCommerce solutions, I’ve found Symfony “Reloaded”, which was an early version of what we know as Symfony (2-4) framework now. I decided to develop my own eCommerce bundles and puff, here we are. I’m setting up this forum for our community because our Slack is getting too crowded to follow unless you join the discussion when it happens.

Nowadays, I’m programming a lot less than I used to (I’m lucky to do this during hackathons or trainings) and I’m focused on planting & growing our ecosystem. Nonetheless, happy to jump into both technical/business discussions because the general thing I like is: solving problems. :slight_smile:

After work, I like amateur gaming (CS:GO), do some exercise like weight lifting or running, marksmanship (but not hunting!), dogs, FOOD and read about economics, psychology and generally understand the world around me better - which makes living a happy life a bit easier. :slight_smile:

What about you? Start your topic!


Hey there.

Since no one replied yet, and I don’t want the Sylius community to be “I didn’t get a single reply in 3 days” I’d like to second this post.

I’m Patrick, from Germany and I’m using Symfony for 6 years now.

Working in E-Commerce with nasty proprietary code doesn’t satisfy me.
We have some bigger(ish) customers and I try to convice them to bet on sylius. they are very slow and the process involved is huge. I want to start the first big project in 2018 (hopefully).
I am pretty sure that Sylius is the way to go, but have not launched any project on it yet.

Did some very (very) minor PRs to the core and follow your project since 2013 (or 2014, not sure), using some components in projects.

I’d like to thank you for your hard effort and hope to give back when a customer jumps in.

After work, I really like to cook (vegetarian), brew my own beer (remember, I’m german) and I’m addicted to Sports (Handball, Tennis).


Hi Patrick! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. What is the biggest issue that the customers see right now?

Hi Pawel,

I’ve been following your project for awhile since I heard about Sylius. So far everything looks great. I haven’t started anything yet but am greatly anticipating the multi vendor bundle. Thanks for sharing such a promising project.


Hi Alan and thank you for your nice words. :slight_smile: We hope to share more about Sylius MVM soon!

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Mostly an internal and financial issue. The current shop is paying the bills somehow.
The customer is big and they have some departments involved, but a rewrite is definitely necessary and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to build the shop with sylius.

Hello I’m Henrik.

I’m NOT a developer. actually I’m a teacher at the “Staatliche Technikerschule Berlin”. I came to sylius because I tried to convert a friends xtc shop into a french Opensource solution. But I was very unhappy with it. perhaps 1.6 will work…

I really wonder, if I will be more happy with Sylius. But I’ll wait patient, if there will be a small and handy solution for people who just want to set up their own web-shop.
Yes I got some “computer science” background, but just basics. I’m not a developer.

perhaps I should open an “end-user” topic …