Https issue with ajax requests (cart)


Hello, I can’t make my Stripe website work with https I have some errors with ajax calls with the cart. You can test with and without https :

I checked the nginx/varnish cond added CORS, etc. But I don’t know what is missing in the configuration (varnish loops with nginx to get the https, maybe something is missing here for the ajax call ?)

API: Server gave an error: error /fr/ajax/cart/add?productId=12
error @ api.js:896
fail @ api.js:577
fire @ jquery.js:3268
fireWith @ jquery.js:3398
(anonymous) @ api.js:527
setTimeout (async)
fail @ api.js:522
fire @ jquery.js:3268
fireWith @ jquery.js:3398
done @ jquery.js:9307
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:9548
load (async)
send @ jquery.js:9567
ajax @ jquery.js:9206
xhr @ api.js:660
request @ api.js:461
query @ api.js:252
trigger @ api.js:469
dispatch @ jquery.js:5183
elemData.handle @ jquery.js:4991