How to use symfon flex in sylius project

Hi I noticed that when I install a plugin in my sylius project bundles are not registered
configurations are not made. as its should be with flex.
please who can help meto achieve that? thanks.

You must configure it manually, for example if you install the SyliusResourseBundle, in the sylius_resource.yml as explained in its documentation. I usually use SyliusResourseBundle, SyliusGridBundle and SyliusUiBundle independently in my symfony projects. Any questions or errors that may arise can be shared, I will help you.

Thanks for helping me please can you give me a link to the documentation where they explain how to configure it manually please.
I am using a sylius project.

I know in symfony project flex does evrything and it is not the case in sykius project.
Thank you once again.

thanks for info about SyliusUiBundle, I used to copy templates for Grid & other files from Sylius manually, in future I will just install this bundle for it

If just installing it with composer works, and you can use its SecurityController controller if necessary.
All Sylius bundles can be used independently in your projects, with the exception of CoreBundle, AdminBundle, AdminApiBundle and ShopBundle that require the installation of sylius completely. Some may be a little more difficult to configure than others but all can be reused.

thanks dear , for information

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