How to add automatic feeds for Google shopping?

Hello, I’m completely new to the system. How can I add automatic feeds for Google Shopping?
Are there any plugins?

Hi, by @loevgaard ?

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Thank you for the link!
The installation process is quite abstract for me ;( could you recommend a place where i could read up on basics of installing plugins in this system? Thanks :wink:

This plugin installation process looks quite detailed by that link, please do not hesitate to write issues and questions about it here or in github issues. Maybe plugin developers forgot to write something about installation process and we can improve by your suggestions :slight_smile:

I never used Composer and I don’t want to mess things up, and because I don’t know how this works I don’t know how to make a copy for testing. The site i’m working with is live;(

for example
in the step one of the instruction there is “Open a command console, enter your project directory” so I understand i should go in via SSH and the project directory means the catalog the websites’ domain points to?

Furthermore, how to check If I have Composer installed? I can see a catalog “.composer” with “cache” “auth.json” and “.htaccess”

Ok, I understand you, the main point you definitely must get your project copy to dev machine. After this you can easily and moreover safely install and develop your changes to your project. There you freely manipulate with composer. When you are sure in successful plugin installaion, you can deploy on the server