File size of app.js and decoupling Semantic UI

Hi there!

Is there any way to cut down the size of the app.js file? I thought I may have done something incorrectly in my developing a site but I just checked out a fresh copy of Sylius and the front-end app.js file generated is 1.4MB. Even running it through an external minifier it is not much under 1MB.

I assume most of this is from the Semantic UI framework (?). If so, is there any way I can decouple this from the generated file to either get the Semantic js from a CDN or in my case to eventually replace it for the front-end with Tailwind? Failing this, does anyone have a good suggestion on how to not just minify the file but remove un-used functions etc. from it?

On a related note, is there a way to migrate the generation of assets from gulp to the webpack-encore that seems to also be used for other components anyway? I don’t mind leaving the admin side as-is, just the front-end.

Apart from this large file size issue, my development experience with Sylius has been pretty smooth. Most of my issues have been relatively easy to find answers for (at least compared with other similar frameworks I tried) and usually the answer makes sense to me as to why things are done in that manner. Keep up the good work!