EuPlatesc payment integration

EuPlatesc is a Romanian provider for online payments. I want to integrate this in Sylius platform as a plugin. I’ve reached the phase where I’m handling the step after checkout that reaches CaptureAction.php.

However EuPlatesc works with a POST request made to a secure url, similar to this description PHP Redirect with POST data.

Is it possible to implement this kind of behavior in Sylius ?

You can use this
See example in

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Thanks for the answer.
Now I’m having a problem with the final stage of the implementation.
After a payment is done EuPlatesc makes a replay (POST request) to a certain fixed URL previously established with EuPlatesc support. In CaptureAction.php I am able to set enough data so that later I can identify the transaction inside Sylius.

Any idea what the solution might be here or does anyone know other payment plugins that work similar to what I’ve described ?

The Adyen payment plugin also has a notification action/endpoint which is similar to what you need.

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For those who reach here from Google a stable version was released a while ago here: