Entity sylius_address with new field


Here is my entity with new field:

namespace AppBundle\Entity;

use Sylius\Component\Core\Model\Address as BaseAddress;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

 * Blog
 * @ORM\Table(name="sylius_address")
class Address extends BaseAddress
     * @ORM\Column(type="text", nullable=true)
    public $nip;

    public function getNip()
        return $this->nip;

    public function setNip($nip)
        $this->nip = $nip;

but command php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force return info:
[OK] Nothing to update - your database is already in sync with the current entity metadata.

I suppose I’m missing configuration. Somebody knows ?



I think you have to override the model’s class in the app/config/config.yml.

There’s an example in :


You added ORM\Table but also you need to add @ORM\Entity annotation.