E-commerce Web API



I need is to use a e-commerce solution with an Angular (or whatever) dedicated Front-End.
This means that I should be able to completely replace the Front-End pages/layout embedded by the e-commerce solution, AND taking benefit from the Back-End model object & Database.

To do so, I need to find an e-commerce solution which provides a complete web API, so that I can use it with my own Front-End framework.

My question is: do Sylius enable such a feature, mandatory for my needs?

Please provide me all links/documentation which seem relevant to you.

Thank you


I don’t know if you tried it yourself, but let me help you anyway: http://bfy.tw/LmOa


@vvasiloi Have you tried the Sylius REST API for the use case? It is not meant to be a Front-End API. Also, your ironic response is offensive given you didn’t even read the question.

Regarding the Web API for frontend use, this is the best for Sylius:


@ricardowong I read the question carefuly.
Sylius has an API. I haven’t used it to fully power a client application front-end, like SPAs and mobile apps, but I know people did it.
It will probably not suffice and further developemnt will be required to extend and customize the API to business needs, but that’s the reason Sylius is a framework and not a complete solution.
Didn’t mention the plugin due to the ironic nature of my response.