Dropshoping with sylius

Hello, I am developing a shop with sylius and I would like to do the dropshoping on it. I would like to know if there are plugins like Dsers and Oberlo with shopify.If there aren’t plugins are there other solutions?
Thank you in advance.

To my knowledge, no, but it can be developed obviously :slight_smile: If you need help with that you are welcome to send me an email on joachim@loevgaard.dk :slight_smile:

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Like @loevgaard said, i don’t think there’s currently any Sylius plugins that allow dropshipping. I’ve been looking into and prototyping one for Printfull, but it’s nowhere near finished yet. If you can figure it out, let us know! (On here, or check the Sylius Slack!)

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Thanks you for your answers. I’m beginner so I can’t make it but I want develope a plugin like Dsers for sylius.