Customer Options Plugin

Hey guys,
we just released our Customer Options plugin which implements the functionality to allow your customers to customize their products. This is much more versatile than the current product options which generate a finite amount of product variants. But our plugin doesn’t stop there, with it you can also offer the customer free text input, date, date time inputs. The option for saving files exists but is currently not fully implemented. However what we have done is created Fixtures for generating a random test dataset or use it to generate the customer options you need from a .yaml file.

= Use case =
One possible use case would be for a shop owner that runs an online t-shirt shop who wants to offer the customers the ability to print text on the t-shirts. With the customer option plugin this is possible. You have a blank t-shirt and the customer option “printed text” and when the customer orders his t-shirt he can enter a text for the shirt.

= Pricing =
The pricing strategy of the customer options work like this. You have the possibility to add a default price at the customer option. But for every product you have the option to override this in two ways. First of all you have the general override that always overrides the price. However you can also use the date selectors to specify a date range where the override is valid.

All of this is backed up by PHPUnit and Behat tests so that finding a bug in the code will be very easy.

Interested? Check the source code out on github or just get the package with composer brille24/sylius-customer-options-plugin.

Max Pesch from Brille24