Create step by step product customization


First of all, sorry for my english…

I want that people construct their own product, because I have lot of variants. Creating their own product comes with step by step construction.
For exemple, user will choose Man-Shirt or Woman-Shirt, then color, then size, then add to cart (buy is also good option :smiley:)
I read about templates/events/themes, but I wonder if it is better option to use events (variantSelection), or creating a new theme.

For every choice in every step will be associated a specific price: this is because I think it could be a better option to create my own theme.

What do you think? Did I miss something and I’m completely out?


Hi @jackfumanchu

I assume for your use case the “Templates customization via events” is not flexible enough. I would recommend checking the simple “Templates override” mechanism. With this approach you have the full control of the html/css/js. The downside is that you need to take care manually of any Sylius Updates on these overridden templates. See also this docs for more details:

Another approach would be to go “headless” using the Sylius APIv2. With this approach you have the full freedom in the Frontend and you can build a very customized user experience with your preferred Frontend tech stack. But this will be of course also the most time-consuming approach and you need to take care of much more things like headless payments, etc.

Or you could do kind of an hybrid approach: creating a very specific JS-application which loads the needed products and their variants and provides some kind of a “Product configurator”. After the product configuration the user can put the selected product variants into the cart and continue with the traditional checkout process.