Create order from admin control panel and assign to user

Hi, may be I’ve missed it but can’t find this feature. I’ve started to do it by my own, but may be it is already done?

If a customer created an account in the store, you can browse him and click the impersonate button. This will log you in as a customer in the web store and give you the availability to create an order.

It requires some clicks, but this is a native Sylius feature.

If, however, you need something more straightforward, you should take a look at Sylius order factory. Personally, I would add a custom action to the customer grid, which will redirect you to an order page in your admin panel.

If you are looking for a POS feature in Sylius, which might also be a case for you, it will be available soon as our enterprise plugin.

Yes, I knew about impersonate button - but when operator accepting orders by phone or messenger, and use custom prices and discounts for products - it is not very convenient, so I went second way - made custom page, form and add custom action to the customer grid.

The reason I was asking was because I’ve seen a post at stackoverflow where mentioned something about creation order from the Sylius Administration Dashboard - that’s why I decided that maybe I missed something.

You can try this plugin:

Currently I’m using it, but I’m gonna customize it (if it’s possible) to catch the channel vinculated to logged adminUser

It looks nice, thank you.
I’ve already implemented my own solution and using it right now.