Create a new page About



When I want to configure About content on the panel Admin Sylius.

I have filled all the fields.

And with this code in the twig footer :

href="{{ path(‘bitbag_sylius_cms_plugin_shop_page_show’, {‘slug’ : ‘about’}) }}"

class=“item”>{{ ‘sylius.ui.about’|trans }}

In the moment of the save of the page About in the panel admin Sylius, I have this error message:

An exception occurred while executing ‘INSERT INTO bitbag_cms_page_image (type, path, owner_id) VALUES (?, ?, ?)’ with params [“about”, null, 7]:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Le champ ‘path’ ne peut être vide (null)

And this message on the Logs in the Symfony :

INFO14:52:35 php User Deprecated: The “Sylius\Component\User\Model\UserInterface” interface extends “Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\AdvancedUserInterface” that is deprecated since Symfony 4.1 *.
If you have a suggestion for resolver this problem i’ll be taker.

Thank you for you help.