Configuration Workaround for B2B 0% Tax

We need orders with 0% tax for foreign B2B customers.

Maybe someone here can give me advice?

We are waiting for the feature “Simple B2B Taxes” (see Is it valid to do the following in the meantime?

Create a channel “B2B” and a channel “B2C”. For every product/variant enter a gross price for channel “B2C” and a net price for “B2B” (add taxes as usual, just make sure that the tax is 0% in every case for channel “B2B”). Redirect “Foreign Business (FBC)” who have a valid VATIN to the channel “B2B” (this can be done in a modal on the first visit where they have to choose that they are a foreign business and enter a valid VATIN; and also you can add links in the “B2C” channel which lead to the “B2B” channel). - Or: as there are already a lot of B2B and B2C shops made with Sylius how is this done usually? Is there a better way?

I also asked the question here: