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I’m writing as a business owner. We have a new Sylius project in development and I hope to share one downside we’ve discovered from the switch from Magento 1.

Currently, our Sylius checkout steps are: Shipping Address > Billing address (Optional) > Shipping Method > Select Payment Method (but do not enter any credit card details, or be redirected to PayPal, etc.) > Confirm Order > Enter Credit Card details/Redirect to PayPal > Order Complete.

To not select the payment method and then immediately enter payment details, or be redirected to payment processor feels unusual and is uncommon from the sites we purchase from.

Our developers estimate around 20-30 hours of development to rearrange the checkout process. So, it’s not an inexpensive change. Is there something we’re overlooking?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and I appreciate everyone contributing to an excellent platform. I hope this post is helpful from a business owners point of view.

Hi, we have worked on a revamp of the Sylius checkout steps in one project. Please feel free to contact me by email at or by the sylius slack:
We can talk and see how we can help you.

Hey @obr_77,

If I understood you correctly, what you would like to achieve is fill payment details information before complete page, is that correct?

Can I consider this feature as authorization of payment before completing it? If so, there was an old issue for that:, which is partially supported, as you can see from PR’s. Maybe one of the contributors there may share some insight so that you will save some time.

Another issue you may encounter is described here:

Simple rearrangement should not be a problem. Adding an authorization in the step before maybe a little bit more problematic. I cannot provide you any better insight right now. I hope that this will help.

PS. Thanks for your feedback and a kind word :slight_smile:

@songecko Thank-you, I appreciate your offer to help. We have a great relationship with our developers (a Sylius partner) but I will let you know if we require your help.

My post was to try and help encourage a change to the core for future versions of Sylius. Looking through the showcase of Sylius stores, many have also modified the checkout process. Hopefully, a change in future releases can be considered to make this great platform even easier to build great stores on.

@lchrusciel Many thanks! Your post is very helpful. We’ll use this advice and I look forward to launching our Sylius store soon.

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