Can't use web_ui of the SyliusandFriends/ImportExportPlugin

Hello guys!
So I just wanted to try out to import a file over the admin ui, so I just added a fos_sylius_import_export.yaml file and added this line to the bundles.php file: FriendsOfSylius\SyliusImportExportPlugin\FOSSyliusImportExportPlugin::class => ['all' => true] . I added the Enqueuer into the service file:

        class: Enqueue\Redis\RedisConnectionFactory

fos_sylius_import_export.yaml file:

        # set to false to not add an upload form to the entity overview pages
        web_ui:               true
        # set to an integer value bigger than 0 to flush the object manager in regular intervals
        batch_size:           0
        # if incomplete rows (ie. missing required fields) should be considered failures
        fail_on_incomplete:   true
        # if to stop the import process in case of a failure
        stop_on_failure:      false
        # set to false to not add export buttons
        web_ui:               true
        service_id: 'redis_connection_factory'

But after adding this stuff he tells me that he can’t generate the named route “app_export_data_customer”
Full Error Message: An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to generate a URL for the named route "app_export_data_customer" as such route does not exist.").

For me it looks like he is missing a file. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?