Can't cusomize the HompageController

Hi, i would want to customize a Standard Controller. I would like to add some logic to the Homepage. I follow this page - But when i run php bin/console debug:container to check if the class has changed, i get the same Sylius\Bundle\ShopBundle\Controller\HomepageController, instead of , App\Controller\Shop\HomepageController. So all the logic in my customized page don’t work.

Can you share the controller service definition?


this is my fitle of services.yml :

Put parameters here that don’t need to change on each machine where the app is deployed


locale: en_US


# Default configuration for services in *this* file


    # Automatically injects dependencies in your services

    autowire: true

    # Automatically registers your services as commands, event subscribers, etc.

    autoconfigure: true

    # Allows optimizing the container by removing unused services; this also means

    # fetching services directly from the container via $container->get() won't work

    public: false



        autowire: false


        autowire: false

# Makes classes in src/ available to be used as services;

# this creates a service per class whose id is the fully-qualified class name


    resource: "../src/*"

    exclude: "../src/{Entity,Migrations,Tests,Kernel.php}"

# Controllers are imported separately to make sure services can be injected

# as action arguments even if you don't extend any base controller class


    resource: "../src/Controller"

    tags: ["controller.service_arguments"]

    class: App\Controller\Shop\HomepageController

    arguments: ["@templating"]

    tags: ["controller.service_arguments"]

You can either set an alias for the controller: "@App\Controller\Shop\HomepageController"

Or override the sylius_shop_homepage route