BitBagSyliusElasticsearch Plugin released!

BitBagSyliusElasticsearchPlugin beta version released! Download it on our GitHub and don’t forget to leave us a start if you like it! :rocket:

PS. There is also a demo app:

As always, contributions and feedback warmly welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:


  • these are not tap-able from mobile - Android Chrome.
  • the product options filters were not working last week - dunno if they are working now
  • why not auto-submit the form for filters when an option is ticked?

should we post the feedback here or on github?

Sure! Option filters have been fixed, sorry for that. The plugin is still in beta, we’re working on a stable release. I don’t think we’ll focus on mobile & UX before stable, as the plugin demo is just a proof of concept. If someone wants to adapt it to his project, he will need override templates anyway, so IMHO adding a JS change/submit event is up to him.