API Platform ShopAPI: How to retrieve the list of current available shipping and payment methods?


I try to display the available shipping and payment methods in my Checkout process via the new API Platform ShopAPI. According to this doc here: https://docs.sylius.com/en/latest/getting-started-with-sylius/using-api.html#completing-the-order I receive the shipments and payments data associated to the Order, but I don’t know where to get the overall available list of Shipping and Payments methods.

I have checked the API v2 docs here: https://master.demo.sylius.com/api/v2/docs and tried also locally on my machine playing around with the API. As it looks like the following Endpoints do return the list of available Shipping/Payments methods configured in Sylius:

  • /api/v2/shop/orders/[tokenValue]/shipments/[ShipmentID]/methods
  • /api/v2/shop/orders/[tokenValue]/payments/[PaymendID]//methods

My question is:
Are these the recommended Endpoints for getting the available Shipping/Payment methods for displaying on a Shipping/payment Checkout process step? I ask because I don’t understand yet why the list of Shipping/Payment methods is connected to the Order tokenValue. Of course for the Order itself you have information for the shipment and payment method, but if I would like just to get the “plain list of available Shipping/Payment methods” do I really need a tokenValue and the order-associated ShipmentID/PaymendID?

Thanks for inputs :slight_smile: