API filtering products by channel

Hi there,

I’m on the latest version 1.8 of Sylius and have been trying to figure out if there’s a possibility to filter products by a channel. I’ve tried in both new & admin APIs, something like:


But no luck, it just returns all the products

I was wondering if this is currently possible? I tried following the “How to filter” docs: https://docs.sylius.com/en/latest/api/admin_api/sorting_and_filtration.html#how-to-filter-resources

I see that the admin panel is able to do channel filtering by doing something like:


Also I see that version 1.8 has an experimental extension which does exactly what I’d need: https://github.com/Sylius/SyliusApiBundle/blob/1.8/Doctrine/QueryCollectionExtension/ProductsByChannelAndLocaleCodeExtension.php

Any pointers of how i could use that?